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Our Clients

At 3PR, we value our clients and appreciate any and all of their feedback.  See below for what some of our clients have had to say about us.  Better yet, send us your testimonial!


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"(We) have had many conversations about how great this engagement went!  We really enjoyed working with your team and look forward to engaging you guys again."

New Client 2021

"I want to thank the 3PR firm for your guidance and direction on our BSA program.  We just had our State exam and it was STRONG (yes, he did state that) …  The examiners were so pleased with our BSA/ AML program they stated to Bank Management and the Board of Directors “Excellent program!!!. “   We could not have gotten this PRAISE without your help.  Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation of your continued support.  Thank you."

Long-time Client 2021

"They (examiners) did say that 3PR was very thorough in every part of their audits and that made their job easier...they were very appreciative of all that 3PR does.  And we are too!"

Long-time Client 2020

"Anne, please pass along our appreciation to your other team members for taking the appropriate steps to maintain service level with us and your other clients.  WE APPRECIATE YOU very much!!"

Call Report Services Client 2020

"I enjoyed the speaker, he (Bill Sparks) was knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions."

Digital Trends Training Attendee 2020

"Sustain this course! Not only is this an extremely relevant course but it was very well taught."

Digital Trends Training Attendee 2020

"Very smooth transition, we appreciate you and your team."

New Call Report Services Client 2020

"I couldn’t have accomplished anything without my wonderful staff and the support of 3PR.  Had "we" not "been" slapped around in 2014, I would never have gotten to work with you and the wonderful 3PR company."

Long-time Client

"We want to thank you and the rest of the ladies for the great work you did while on site at our facility.  We all think the audits moved along expeditiously and effectively."

Client 2019

"(Client) happily told me that they got a Strong for BSA in their exam and the examiners complimented our work program and papers!"

Long-time Client

"I just wanted to let you know that I submitted your name (Lauren Sparks) as well as 3PR, Inc. as part of a 2019 Consultant/Vendor Satisfaction survey request from The Bank CEO Network. They are looking for quality consultants/vendors in which community banks have had positive experiences."

Long-time Client

"I just wanted to let both of you know that I really appreciate our working relationship. I have a new perspective on organizational structure and more importantly teamwork. Mrs. Lauren, you have successfully compiled a team of highly educated bankers with real world experience and the customer service is first rate. You and your team probably already know this, but I wanted to remind you because you need to hear it, its deserving. Mrs. Paula is a cracker jack and is laser focused on both the small details and the big picture. I just hope that we don’t burn her out before summer time.  
"I am also very proud of all of my employees and I already see a significant difference in how they carry themselves over the last few weeks. Each week that goes by I see more and more improvement amongst them.  My team is starting to develop confidence and more importantly an initiative to step up when their name is called even if it means they have to step out of the box every now and again."

New 3PRINC.COM Client 2019

"Thanks , I really like these (3PR Roadmaps)."

Long-time Client on 3PR's Roadmaps

"(We) would be happy for you to use us as a BSA Auditing reference.  Thanks for the opportunity to give back to 3PR for the multitude of help and guidance you have given us."

Long-time Client

"They (FDIC) commended 3PR on the reports and scopes that you use in your reviews. Thanks."

Client 2018

"Thank you Lauren. We appreciate all of your help!"

Client 2018

"(It) appears we have resolved the issues outlined in the MOU.  Couldn’t have done it without your help!! (so thank you!!!)"

Client 2018

"Overall, this has been a great learning experience for (us). Thank you for your time, knowledge and extraordinary staff members who have assisted us along the way."

Client 2018

"You and your team are amazing. I appreciate all y’all do for me."

Client 2018

"You came with a great recommendation – I will refer y’all whenever I am asked by colleagues for names of providers of BSA exams."

Potential Client 2018

"Nice job conveying a large amount of information in a limited amount of time."

Attendee at 2018 Presentation "More Than Buzzwords:  Real News and Predictions in Bank Compliance – Lauren Sparks"

"Very interesting presentation."

Attendee at 2018 Presentation "More Than Buzzwords:  Real News and Predictions in Bank Compliance – Lauren Sparks"

"Always good to be aware of what is coming in terms of compliance and exams.  Good presenter that provided valuable information."

Attendee at 2018 Presentation "More Than Buzzwords:  Real News and Predictions in Bank Compliance – Lauren Sparks"

"Appreciated perspective on new trends.  Knowledgeable of changing perspectives."

Attendee at 2018 Presentation "More Than Buzzwords:  Real News and Predictions in Bank Compliance – Lauren Sparks"

"Very interesting and pertinent.  Good delivery."

Attendee at 2018 Presentation "More Than Buzzwords:  Real News and Predictions in Bank Compliance – Lauren Sparks"

"We have used 3PR, Inc. as our internal auditor for compliance since 2012. We have been outsourcing our internal audit functions since 2004. When I became Compliance Officer in 2005 we were using Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions. When Sheshunoff decided to remove community banks from their auditing focus, Lauren Sparks, who acted as the National Director of Risk Management, decided to go on her own with the new company 3PR, Inc. and we decided to follow."
Client 2018
"Since 2012 we have gone through FDIC twice and OFI twice. They normally commend us on the thorough internal audits conducted and documented by 3PR. Regulators seem to agree with findings and recommendations from 3PR and the strategies they use in their audit scope. We have not had any significant criticism from regulators in the BSA area or any other compliance area to be exact."
Client 2018
"We have developed great relationships with 3PR staff that has been very helpful in all areas of compliance. We have no regrets in our selection of 3PR, Inc. for the last five years as our internal compliance group!!"

Client Reference 2017

Great presentation today!  Thank you so much.  You know its going good when folks are asking questions and are engaged."

Attendee at 2016 DACA Meeting

"Enjoyed your presentation and it (is) obvious you know this material."

Attendee at 2016 DACA Meeting

"Thank you for the presentation at the DACA lunch today."

Attendee at 2016 DACA Meeting

Thank you for you presentation today. "

Attendee at 2016 DACA Meeting

"I want to especially thank you guys for your assistance in ensuring our compliance with this sweeping law change (TRID). We could not have done it without 3PR’s assistance. Your guidance and training was invaluable."


"(After meeting with the OCC,) our BSA program received a 'strong' rating! Thanks to you and your staff. You're a good partner."

Client who came to 3PR with an MRA rating

"Hi Lauren:
I enjoyed your presentation on emerging risks in technology."

Attendee at 2015 FFIEC Consumer Compliance Conference

I wanted to let you know that the FDIC just completed 2013 and 2014 HMDA Validation.  Results=1 Line had 2 errors for 2014.  That was it!!!  Thank you so much for your help!



“In early November we had a State audit with the following results; no exceptions, no violations and no recommendations.  The EIC mentioned the Bank’s overall condition to be “Satisfactory” and stated verbally strong.  I believe that the BSA/AML Compliance program would not have been successful without your help and continued support.



“I just scanned the (report) and want to let you know that I am very impressed.  I know we made the right decision to go with 3PR.  Thank you for the long hours it took to meet our deadline... We appreciate you, your team and your expertise.

New Client


“Tell Lauren that everyone in W. Texas thinks you (3PR engagement manager) are great.



“The deposit audit went well. Your staff was great.”

Long-time Client

Thank you. These (Roadmaps) are very useful tools.

Client Regarding 3PR's Regulatory Information Advisory and Guidance Roadmaps


“(3PR is) a very good company for independent BSA/AML audit.

Business Referral to a Potential Client

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