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Proposal Request

Please fill out and submit the following form to request a customized proposal for services.

*See below for a complete list of 3PR services.


Please note: If there is a service you are interested in that is not on the list below, that is okay!  Add that service to your request.


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Consumer Compliance
  • Risk Based Compliance Audits
  • Compliance Risk Assessments
  • Diagnostic Reviews
  • Fair Lending Risk Assessments
  • Fair Lending Reviews
  • HMDA Scrubs/Reviews
  • Real Estate Appraisal Audit
  • UDAAP Risk Assessments
  • UDAAP Reviews
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Compliance Training

HMDA Diagnostic Review


  • Sample Size of diagnostic review will be tailored to the size and complexity of your organizations HMDA LAR.

  • Verify HMDA accuracy prior to annual HMDA LAR Submission.

  • Verify source file documents to the HMDA LAR to ensure consistency, effectiveness and accuracy.

  • Review HMDA policies, procedures and internal controls to ensure effectiveness of the HMDA risk management program.




  • Compliance Operations Management (3PRINC.COM) Consulting

  • Customizable onsite and offsite support for the Client’s Compliance Program


3PR Digital Trends

​​3PR is happy to announce the launching of a Digital Trends line of business where solutions overcome challenges, value can be created, disruption is embraced and old stigmas are put to rest. Whether your questions involving digital technology are digital currency, compliance, law enforcement or commercial application related, 3PR can help.  Don’t say no out of hand to the next startup with a “killer app” idea or a large deposit just because they support digital currency or its technology.  3PR can aid your assessment of such opportunities.

Risk Management


  • Internal Controls

    • Risk Based Internal Controls Reviews

    • Annual NACHA Audits

  • Risk Management Consulting for Regulatory Agreements

  • Board Training

  • Risk Assessments

  • Policy and Procedure Review


BSA/AML Compliance


  • Annual BSA/AML Audit

  • BSA/AML Remedial Projects

  • BSA/AML Audit for Money Service Businesses

  • BSA/AML Risk Assessment

  • AML Software MIS Audits

  • Training

  • Consulting


Call Report Services

  • Call Report Training

    • Call Report seminars and webinars for state banking associations and special groups

    • Scheduled for 1-day or 2-day sessions (or more)

    • Customized Call Report training provided directly to financial institutions

    • Annual training provided to institution preparers and reviewers

    • On-going consulting to seminar and webinar attendees after Call Report training session

  • Call Report Preparation, Review, and Consulting

    • Assistance to financial institutions with the preparation and filing of quarterly Call Reports

    • Review or overview services for institution-prepared Call Reports

    • Hands-on consulting services when assistance is needed to address specific or general Call Report issues



3PR provides customized training on a wide variety of financial institution-related topics, including (but not limited to): Regulatory Compliance, BSA/AML, Fair Lending, HMDA, UDAAP, and Call Report.  3PR performs these training sessions for Financial Institution Staff, Boards of Directors, State Associations, Financial and Accounting Associations, and more.  

Our Customer as a Partner


Description of Process

We strive to maximize remote delivery of services and minimize client expenses.

A final electronic report as well as electronic work paper archives will be provided.

We collaborate with the client through a secure portal for information exchange before, during and after the project


Added Benefits Available for Annual Compliance Audit Contracts

  • Compliance Roadmaps provided to alert the Bank and assist regarding upcoming regulatory changes.

  • Compliance support as requested by the Bank, specifically, compliance assistance includes occasional offsite support via email, telephone and Internet related to our audit areas. For more than occasional needs ongoing support services also available.



  • On site work will include discussions with management to understand work flow issues and process.  Questionnaires are a part of the discovery process.

  • Some work may be completed remotely, when possible.

  • Both 3PR and the Bank will facilitate electronic records and audit work paper exchange.

  • An exit meeting will be held either on-site or via web-based meeting to allow exceptions to be discussed and clarified.

  • Upon completion of audit fieldwork, we will prepare a draft report of findings that will include risk ratings and recommendations designed to strengthen the Bank’s risk management program.

  • After management has reviewed the draft copy of the audit, we will issue a final report addressed to the Bank’s Board of Directors.


Consultant Background and Qualifications

One of our Engagement Managers will be primarily responsible for all administrative matters related to an engagement. Included is abbreviated biographical information. Consultants will be used on an as-needed basis with bank approval of any staff utilized.



  • Compliance Operations Management (3PRINC.COM) Consulting

  • Customizable onsite and offsite support for the Client’s Compliance Program


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